Life conditions

Breeding conditions

We breed only Great Dane. It's not our job, we breed just for breed love, so we don't have a lot of litters.

We are breeder member of the French club, so we must respect rules of the club : To see the rules


All our breeding dogs live with us in our house. We havn't a lot beacause we want to have time for each one. We keep at home old dogs and retirees.
Our females don't have litters when she are too youg or too old. Every female havn't too frequetly or too many litters

We select our breeding dogs for health, character and conformation. So all our breeding dogs are LOF registerd, have Koerung, go on dog show and have character test of the club.

Healthy dogs is very important for us, so our breeding dogs have all hips and elbow X-ray. We make heart ultrasound for DCM. They are all
DNA deposite.

Puppies are breeding in our house. They are all LOF registred and vaccinated. They have all a microship, an european passport and a veterinary certificate.
 They are all DNA deposite and parentage tested. Our puppies are pets or/and show dogs. They are available from 9 weeks.

All our dogs eat Barf food beacause we want for them natural, healthy and pleasant food. Our puppies are socialized. We follow our puppies all there live.

Bella et chiots